Weekly Wednesday LiveQ&A with Sudha Jamthe

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Join Sudha Jamthe for her weekly livestream lesson to learn a topic about Autonomous Vehicle business - AV data, Business models, Digital Twins, AI in the car and more.

This week's topic is: IoT Disruptions: Focus of 2020 (hint its about data and AI)

The beauty of the Weekly Wednesday LiveQ&A is that you get to watch Sudha Jamthe'a Q&A with a global set of AV innovators and practitioners to hear multiple perspectives and get a sense of what is going on in AV space from around the globe and what it means from people of different job roles.

Come ask your questions or share your perspective and work from your part of the globe and your industry on its impact of the evolving Digital Mobility space.

If you miss the free livestream or want to learn how you can pivot your career to Digital Mobility space by getting an in-depth understanding of several lesson topics, join this members area for ongoing access to the archive under Livestreamed Lessons Course Members area. (40+ hrs of archived lessons so far)

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"Sudha's course was an extremely rewarding and valuable experience"

- Richard Meyers, Project Manager, Plickers & Board Member 'The Street Smarts.'

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Join free for the weekly liveQ&A and ask questions about Autonomous Vehicles, Car data and AI in the car. Anyone interested in pivoting to digital mobility, connected and autonomous car space will benefit from learning the business side of AVs. If you work as product manager, business manager, manage clients in various industries impacted by mobility, business development, partnerships, or work as a lawyer, regulator, compliance manager, or work in market development, innovation manager, you are like my students. This membership area will teach you some lessons and help you understand where you need to develop skills to benefit from the opportunity from connected and autonomous vehicles now before we get to the driverless world.

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